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B'nai Israel Synagogue


     Rabbi Waidenbaum, following in his father’s footsteps, set out to become an ordained rabbi and cantor. He studied at Ponevitz Yeshiva in B’nai Brak, Israel, and the Boston Rabbinical Seminary before receiving his Ordination from Marbitzei Torah Institute in Brooklyn. Raised and Educated in Brownsville, Rabbi Waidenbaum studied voice for 15 years with the famous cantor, Avshalom Zifra.

     During his years as a Rabbi/Cantor, he feels he has been truly blessed to be a professional working the landscape that most sculpts his life. He defines himself as a Modern Jew. He finds great meaning in biblical responses to the many challenges that life resents. He sees his role as creating bridges between the words and worlds of our ancestors and the world of the Modern Jew. He works hard at helping each member, male or female, to maximize his/her potential as a Jew.

     In addition, he prides himself on being a life-long learner, He is a sensitive, caring and approachable human being. His door is always open to nurture and to listen to the needs of his congregational family. Study groups, family education and Chazzananut are all part of what he enjoys engaging in. The more comfortable he makes you feel in the synagogue, the more likely you will be a participant in synagogue life.

     As a pulpit Rabbi, Rabbi Waidenbaum has accepted the diversity and challenges that each congregation brings forth. Adult education classes have always been an area of strength for him.


A Boy From Brooklyn

An interview with Rabbi Samuel Waidenbaum by Mike Bate and Jerry Gordon(transcript from September 1, 2017, interview on WEBY)

Tue, January 19 2021 6 Shevat 5781